Pre-Kleeba Summary

Hello Everyone – The 2017 Larry Kleeba Challunge is just a week away! The following is a summary of the registrants we have logged so far for the upcoming 2017 Larry Kleeba Challunge and a description of what you can expect.

We have 7 of our 10 Wisconsin Chapters being represented. Please verify that the below information for your chapter’s participants is correct. If you find missing / incorrect information or if you know of others wanting to participate, please contact Mike Sasse via e-mail at or phone at 608-235-4980 or 715-356-9758.

We look forward to seeing all of you Friday evening June 16th between 5-8pm at The Musky Shop for your packet pick up at our Kleeba Happy Hour. Here you will also have the opportunity to join our “Big Fish Contest” and participate in a 50/50 Raffle to help support our club or buy some Northwoods Muskies swag. Just come to the tent which will be set up in The Musky Shop parking lot  Hwy 51 North in Minocqua and join us for some complimentary beverages.


Your packets will include the following:


  • A 2017 Kleeba Challunge Agenda
  • Your “2017 Kleeba Does The Northwoods” Token (to be displayed in pictures of fish caught during the event)
  • A Coupon from The Musky Shop
  • The 2017 Kleeba Challunge Rules Sheet
  • A complimentary Northwoods Muskies club decal
  • Information from the Minocqua Chamber of Commerce
  • A Map of Vilas and Oneida Counties

After the Packet Pick Up & Happy Hour Friday, you are free to visit the beautiful Northwoods at your leisure and do as you please until 6am Saturday morning when fishing begins. You will be able to fish as much or as little as you choose until Sunday morning at 11am with the exception of from 4:00pm – 6:00pm on Saturday where the group will gather at Fibbers Bar & Restaurant on Big St Germain Lake in St Germain for a complimentary Prime Rib Sandwich dinner. A full cash bar will be available during this break. At approximately 5:00pm we will also be fortunate to have Bill Jacobs from the Headwaters Chapter provide us with a brief background on Larry Kleeba and the history of the Kleeba Challunge. At 6:00pm you are welcome to head back to your Lake Groups to resume fishing. When you do catch a muskie during legal tournament hours please check your rules sheet and “2017 Kleeba Does The Northwoods” token for instructions on registering your fish.  Any fish caught between 8pm Saturday and 6am Sunday should be called into The Musky Shop on Sunday Morning. The fishing hours will come to an end at 11:00am on Sunday morning. All registrations should be completely submitted by 11:30am on Sunday.

At 11:30am on Sunday we will all meet back at The Musky Shop parking lot for the awarding of The Kleeba Plaque, The “Big Fish” Plaque and winnings, The 50/50 Raffle and complimentary Pizza and Beverages provided by Northwoods Muskies. The event comes to a close at 12:30pm and you are free again to enjoy the Northwoods.

If you have any questions please feel free to send them via e-mail or contact Mike Sasse at the numbers listed previously.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week and “Remember to Make It A Northwoods Muskie”!

Your Friends at Northwoods Muskies

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