Please join us and support our mission; you can make a difference! You’ll also make new friends, receive every copy of MUSKIE Magazine, and gain full access to our Lunge Log – an amazing database with details on over 300,000 muskies caught and released by Muskies Inc. members.

Benefits of the Northwoods Chapter

  • Rotating meeting venues to include a broader membership base
  • Multi – Species stocking program for both Muskies and Walleyes
  • Promotion of Youth Fishing Education & Club Fishing Competition
  • Exclusive Chapter 61 members chatroom
  • Guest speakers & Lake Learn sessions
  • Tournaments, Social Outings, Banquets, Contests and more
  • Supports Clean Boats Clean Waters initiative

Purposes of Muskies, Inc.

  • To promote a high quality Muskellunge sport fishery
  • To support selected conversation practices based on scientific merit and carried out by authorized federal and state agencies
  • To promote Muskellunge research
  • To establish hatcheries and rearing ponds and introduce the species into suitable waters
  • To support the abatement of water pollution
  • To maintain records of habits, growth and range of species
  • To disseminate Muskellunge information
  • To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women and children



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