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Northwoods Muskies Remembers a True Muskyman

The “Musky World” lost one of its best proponents this past week when Dave Dawson from The Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin passed away from a massive heart attack. Dave was many things, including a great husband and father,  a true friend, a positive role model, and a really good musky fisherman.


Join us for 4th Annual Northwaters Chapter Challunge on October 21, 2017!

Join us for the 4th Annual Northwaters Chapter Challunge on October 21, 2017!  The event is a fun competition between members of the Headwaters Chapter and Northwoods Chapter.  Northwoods is hosting this year’s event with fishing hours from 7am – 5pm and you can fish any lake with a public landing.


Pre-Kleeba Summary

Hello Everyone – The 2017 Larry Kleeba Challunge is just a week away! The following is a summary of the registrants we have logged so far for the upcoming 2017 Larry Kleeba Challunge and a description of what you can expect.


Kleeba Challunge Registration Deadline

The Kleeba is just a month away… We are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! So, this is a reminder to all Wisconsin Chapter Presidents that the deadline for registration to this years Kleeba Challunge is approaching. Please post this informational poster to your websites and other social media outlets. Also please forward this attachment to your membership e-mail data bases.

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